Acoustic 3mm Laminate (Aluminium Silver Foam )

 Acoustic 3mm Aluminium Foam is a wood/laminate underlay which is designed for any hard solid wood flooring. The underlay has a very high compression strength ratio which means it's excellent at supporting your flooring as well as helping to reduce airborne & impact noises.

A quality underlay for laminate floors, featuring a DPM (damp proof membrane) and foil backing, to help counteract moisture from concrete floors, and to help reflect heat and keep your floor warmer.

It's a high-performance product engineered to insulate laminate and hardwood floors. Produced using  closed-cell polyethene foam with an integrated silver foil barrier featuring 200mm joint overlap.

  • Roll Size: 15m2 
  • Tog Rate: 0.5 
  • Width: 1.0m
  • Length: 15.0m
  • Impact Sound Reduction: 18dB  

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